Friday, May 15, 2015

Thank God it's Friday!

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Scott said...

Nice Friday post Koba..

#1) Wow, what a great "treasure trail", that lead to a very nice package:)

#2) Hey when you have to drain the vein, you have to drain the vein:)

#3) Hey while you tug on your meat, can I lick your hairy balls?

#4) Hey lucky "cocksucker" make sure you share with your buddy:)

#5) Ah heck, how can anyone resist that cute face and nice smile.. love the tug of the cock:)

#6) LUCKY BASTARD.. he might be blindfolded, but he's going to taste alot of cock, and get quite the "facial"...

#7) Let me on that nice thick cock, with the great mushroom and hairy balls:)

#8) Man, do I want to be in that tub with this cutie. While he washes his hair, I'll lick those deep hairy pits WITH my tongue:)

#9) Holy S--t, spray me with that nectar of the gods:) Nice cock and fat balls:)

#10) Fu-k, ya, you gave him a nice "nut" now lick your own jizz off his face:):)

Thanks Koba