Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday Ramifications!


Axiom2001 said...

This is "FUCK-LICKous" indeed!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Terrific Tuesday post Koba:)

#1) Sweet, tongue those juicy balls and sniff that hairy taint:)

#2) I'm almost speechless.. WOW, WOW, and WOW again.. What a Big Boy with a nice piece of man-meat and VERY nice loose balls.. Oh yeah that other dude is great to:):):):) I'll be coming back to this gem from time to time...

#3) LMAO.. a dude admiring a double full moon, on a crystal clear day:):):) I ask, does life get any better???:):)

#4) WOW this jock is packing quite a "racket":)

#5) Hell I would be watching that tall hairy long legged handsome dude with the nice stiff cock to:):)

#6) Oh yes the young men have MADE a connection:)

#7) Wow, now that's what I call "pulling the taffy":)

#8) What a nice pic, two hairy sleeping beauties:) I wouldn't mind kissing both of them and seeing if they wake up:)

#9) Ah Summer coming, and there be plenty of chances to see the cuties out on the roads:)

#10) Oh my, a double buttering of the buns:):) SWEET HONEY BUNS:):)

Thanks Koba

Male meat with revealed abs said...

Hey there, wanted to compliment your blog. Great pictures of hot guys!

Anonymous said...

I want to be seduced by the gorgeous stud in the second pic!WOW!!!!!!!