Saturday, May 16, 2015


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Scott said...

Oh yes, indeed, some Wonderful Weekenders Koba.. Thanks

#1) Hell yeah, I'll be taking my usual walks in the dunes up in Ogunquit this Summer, and hopefully see some sights like that:)

#2) LOL.. This dude is very Happy that Summer is approaching:)

#3) I LOVE getting "teabagged". I wouldn't mind joining in with these fine looking dudes:)

#4) Oh yeah, just pull aside of a quiet road, and enjoy the helping hand of a buddy:)

#5) Hey hairy jock boy, how about sitting your butt on my face:) Opps must be that time of day, when I'm getting read horny:)

#6) Hey the Boys just want to have fun:)

#7) OH, if I was there with you dude, I'll have you spreading your hairy legs, so I could take care of that nice cock of yours:)

#8) OH my, all kinds of dudes having fun, dressed and undressed:)

#9) Now that's some serious "docking" going on:)

#10) SWEET.. Nice mushroom capped head, blowing his nut to an eager "cocksucker":):)

Thanks Koba