Monday, May 11, 2015

Back to the Grind...


Axiom2001 said...

I like what happening in most of today's
getting "Back-to-the-Grind," but the ones
which I want to be with right this moment
are #s 6 and 10! Damn, I'd yield all the
way with both of these hot "giants!"

Unknown said...

#9 is doing it for me. Love his arms and his "Tree Trunk" legs! Bet his ass could squeeze my head like a walnut 😂

Unknown said...

#1 Is The BEST Way to start the Work Week♡ UB

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow, magnificent Monday post Koba

#1) Ah lovers in the shower, sweet:)

#2) LOVE IT:):) Now that's what I call a "coffee break". That handsome "cocksucker" looks SO happy:)

#3) LOL... that onlooker can't keep his eyes of that dude's boner:)

#4) Two handsome dudes maybe trying to "score" for later on:)

#5) AHHHH, an office romance going on :)

#6) Holy F--k, that's a meal and a half:)

#7) I love to be at that playground taking in that beautiful "pitiful" sight:):)

#8) LUCKY BASTARD (no not the one getting head, the one giving:) That is one nice cock he's feasting on, and it belongs to a very handsome well dressed man.

#9) STRADDLE me with those big legs and f--k the sh-t out of me:) And I'm not really big on bottoming.

#10) Ah now he can relax. After "nutting" we start to think rationally again:)

Thanks Koba