Monday, May 4, 2015

Back to the grind...


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Koba, this post is HOT, just like the weather we had today.. Low 80's.. seem like we went from Winter to Summer...

#1) OH hell ya handsome, watch the dude take his shower, he's letting you Enjoy:)

#2) OH f--k ya, eh invited you in.. Lucky Bastard:)

#3) Ah yes, getting the nut out of the cocks.. that's a good cocksucker's job for sure:)

#4) Hey handsome locker room dude, after you fix your hair, why don't you come in the sauna, and I'll take care of that nice cock of yours:)

#5) WOW... handsome dude, with my FAVORITE COCK... the "medium thickie" with fat balls:) WOOF.

#6) Hey well dressed business man, you can show us your cock anytime, it's a very nice piece of man-meat:)

#7) Well that cocksuker is enjoying his meal, I love to bury my nose in that hairy pit:)

#8) Warm weather = funky smelling pits.. Let me at them:):):):)

#9) OH yeah, that little lad, is taking care of the big dude:)

#10) Yup, handsome, you can stay dressed, with you cock out, I'll get the job done.. and won't miss a drop, so you pants won't stain:)

#11) OH man, I could look at this bare chested dude all day.. I do like me a macho handy man:) and for fixing my car, I take care of his nice "basket"..

Thanks Koba, great post

Taylor Lautner said...

Love your taste in men. :)