Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tuesday Ramifications...

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow hot Tuesday Ramifications posting Koba.. Speaking of hot, Central Mass, broke a record yesterday, I think it got as high as 86 degress, and not even Easter yet!!!

#1) Wow, that's some serious exercising being done in the LOCKER ROOM:)

#2) Wouldn't mind one bit, taking a tubby with this hairy cutie:)

#3) While your taking your pic, I'm staring at that delicious cock of yours:)

#4) OH, my, someone's button is going to be ticked:)

#5) Don't wait for permission, I have a funny feeling, when a cockhead is that close to your mouth, It's all systems go.

#6) So many cocks, so little time:(

#7) NOW, that's a meal:)

#8) I want to suck off the bottom bitch, while he's getting banged "butt" good:)

#9) Oh please, let me untie those strings of your tight pants:)

#10) That's exactly, what handsome wanted:)

Thanks Koba