Friday, April 14, 2017

Thank God it's Good Friday!"

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, One heck of great TGIF posting Koba!

#1) Oh, I feel his pain:( I love men, I love their cocks, balls, hairy butts, legs, chest, and pits, Why oh why can't I enjoy getting it up my ass???????? I do ENJOY, watching dudes doing the nasty though:)

#2) The towel unveiling, one of hottest sights in the men's locker room. All different sizes and kinds of cocks:):):):):) I will come back to this hefty gem again tonight!!

#3) Yes, you look up at him, and thank him after for that delicious piece of meat he offered you:)

#4) Oh my, what a hairy hottie:), and that is one beautiful helmet head on that great cock, and nice fat balls:):)

#5) I am indeed a "sucker" for a dude with nice "guns":):) Woof, you alpha male you!!

#6) F--k, it does indeed take two hands to jerk off a WHOPPER:) WOW!!!!

#7) I love hitting the speed bag at the gym. Hey cutie after your workout, BEFORE you shower and I lick the sweat off your pits:)

#8) Woof, leather boy, come get me, with that strong chest and those big arms of yours:)

#9) Remember to close those beautiful eyes of yours when he unloads, or they will be glued shut for a couple of weeks... Yummy, both the cock, and the "cocksucker":)

#10) "And yes it was worth it":):)

Thanks Koba