Friday, April 28, 2017

Thank God it's Friday!

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific TGIF posting Kobaa!!

#1) Yup, was in the gym showers myself today, and saw many a heavenly sights:) I think that dude wants to wash his buddy's back for him.. SWEET

#2) Ah the sights and smells of the men's locker room:)

#3) Why I do declare that is my buddy (MR, Paul Wagner) cranking out a good "nut" for himself:) Woof

#4) Ah the young man, having some fun, and each trying to "catch" their nut:)

#5) Handsome long legged hairy lad, with one really nice cock and balls:)

#6) Oh yeah, once the cocks have become acquainted with each other, there will definitely be some man play going down:)

#7) Now's that's the face that should be made when you have an eager "cocksucker":) Let him know your are in heaven!!

#8) Oh my just beautiful, a Cowboy with nice dark deep hairy pits, and one nice bulge in those tight jeans:)

#9) Beefy legged jock, with balls, ALL, over the place:)

#10) Woof, I could watch this hairy beauty, crank out that "nut" all night:):)

Thanks Koba