Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Happy Hump Day!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said

Holy Hump Day, what a great posting Koba!!

#1) Ka-ching, this big boy hit the jackpot. Hot hairy beefy cheeks and a nice sweaty hairy musky crack:)

#2) While your waking up buddy, let me follow your nice "treasure trail", down to your cock and balls:)

#3) Good looking dude, with a beautiful cock and balls:)

#4) Now those are couple of nice "assets" to have on your team:)

#5) Hell ya, young man, I don't blame you for coming up for breath. He's really giving you that fine thick piece of meat:)

#6) OH, in a minute young man, I would have you give my your nut:)

#7) Koba, I do appreciate a pit lover:) Thank you!!

#8) I want to get my lips near that his beautiful sniff nip:)

#9) OH yeah, your touching his "button":)

#10) LUCKY BASTARD, to have the honor to not only suck that cock, but to take the "nut":):)

Thanks Koba