Monday, April 17, 2017

Back to the grind (or Easter Monday for some)


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Axiom2001 said...

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BillNYC said...

THANK YOU Fav Gay Porn - I've saved your lnk. It's a real treasure trove. How am I going to do anything but lounge in your hot stuff site?

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

What a great Back to the grind posting Koba!

I hope you have a very Happy Easter.

#1) Yup had a great workout today, and yes, I hit the showers, just like this dude did:)

#2) AH the manly sights and smells of the gym locker room:)

#3) Love to get in that locker room, and suck off that curved cock before he puts his pants on and heads back to work:)

#4) That a boy, get right in there. It's an acquired taste and I have taken to it:):):)

#5) Man, would I love to take care of that working man's boner, so he can put that python back in his pants:)

#6) Com-on sleeping beauty, wake up, um, you need any help?:)

#7) Could watch this hairy pitted dude work his triceps all day:)

#8) Nice chest cutie, would love to nibble on those little sniff nips:)

#9) While you look at your apple can I take care of your banana:)

#10) Mercy me, now that's a mouthful workout:)

#11) Ah, these hairy bears enjoying their manliness:)

Thanks Koba