Saturday, June 30, 2018



Tony60416 said...

Wow!!! Great selection, but #5 just says... " Are you gonna suck my dick while I drink this coffee or what?'

Cy said...

Hi Koba,
You might consider pic #2 in your ass contest. Too cute and hot.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Wonderful Weekenders here Koba!!!

Koba I don't follow soccer that much, is Belgium still in it? Just curious so you can get an eyeful of your man-crush and his brother.

Koba, hot and humid here in Central MA. Wish I was with these 3 bareassd beauties:)

1#) Ah, summer is here, and what heavenly sights you can see at the beach. I know these 3 beautiful beach bums are not up at Ogunquit (don't think they allow us to go bareassed (even in section G)..But you never know what can happen up there or down in P-town. It only takes me an hour and a half to make it up to Ogunquit:) But I'm feeling like an old queen lately (I always feel like that after a birthday, June 28th) and of course a "lady" never tells her age. Opps sorry again, this is not a forum to tell all my woes...LOL...

#2) That's what I need a tall beautiful bareassed hunky dude, to reach for the high stuff in my apt. Oh yes I would repay him with my MOUTH:) No one's ever complained yet, and I have had many a COCK in this mouth:):)

#3) Buddy look again out the window, I'M here:):)

#4) Oh cutie, that towel fits you well. Um, especially right in the groin area:)

#5) I like to be in that cozy kitchen sharing a cup of coffee with this young man. It's certainly waking him "up":) Nice chest dude:)

#6) I'm hitting the gym soon, and after my workout I hope to get what this lucky "cocksucker is getting:)

#7) Belguim Koba? Balls flying everywhere:)

#8) Wow, one tremendous treasure trail:):):):)

#9) Holy cow, that is one tall dude. Love to share my bed with the both of them, with me in the middle:)!!!

#10) Wouldn't mind a Saturday night facial at all, NOT AT ALL. That is one great mushroom capped head on that thick cock:)

Thanks Koba

tonyitalian1951 said...

What is your criterion for publishing in your blog followers personal photos ?

Koba said...

Thanks, as always, for the feedback, guys!
It's very hot and humid here as well, Scott. We're in for a bit of a heatwave this week! And yes, Belgium is still in the World Cup. They play next tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. your time. You can probably find it on one of your sports channels.
tonyitailai1951: all photos are published at my personal discretion.

tonyitalian1951 said...

Thanks Koba, in that case you need to change your policy wording:
Send your photos to..will post them anonymously...AT MY OWN DISCRETION.
If a dude sends you a photo of his dick, by common sense he should know it may/not be published. HOWEVER, common sense is no longer used. Political correctness implies you must be specific.
I am not being an ass, is just that the photos I see in your blog are sometimes of well "Hung guys" and sometimes "Give me a break" type. A dick is a dick, if you invite for example, you cannot exclude, just be specific.
Thanks, I mean it.