Monday, June 25, 2018

Back to the grind...

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great Back to the grind posting Koba!!

#1) Ah, the big boy is certainly enjoying his shower:)

#2) OH my, if your sporting shorts were just a little bit lower, I would run onto the field, and take care of your "blue balls":)

#3) OH handsome well dressed man, you don't have to spank me, to make me suck that beautiful cock of yours. Nice thick dog you have there:):)

#4) Woof and Woof again. Beefy and hairy and oh so manly muscular. Hey Big boy after your chores, would you take off all your clothes and have your way with me? OH, make it hurt so good:)

#5) Cops need love to:):)

#6) OH handsome, before the elevator door opens, you better put him back in. Then when you get home, he can come out and play:):):)

#7) I know I saw this vid. Now in real life I know they are porn stars, but in this vid their suppose to be straight guys learning that it's ok to be with other men naked, and to enjoy each others body:):) I loved it. The acting was good.

#8) Wow, I bet if he could, he would get the balls in his mouth to. Talk about going deep:)

#9) Ah, a nice relaxing day at home, with your hog:)

#10) I'm so horny right now, so that man-goo, looks SO DELICIOUS:):)

Thanks Koba