Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thursday Hotness!


bignate said...


Taotrojan said...

Delicious bro. On.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Thursday Hotness at its best, great job Koba!

#1) With that lean in shape body, and that nice "pickle spear" I bet you could suck yourself off. Your one Lucky son of a gun.:):)

#2) I'd lick that tops cock and get it nice and wet, and then tongue that bottoms tight pink "pucker", and then it's all systems go:)

#3) Wow, beautiful hairy man legs, and one nice slab of beef. I bet he has a nice set of nuts to:)

#4) Oh buddy you think the shaft is nice, wait till you taste some of his oozing "nectar" when you get your mouth on the head of that beautiful uncut cock:)

#5) Heck, my kind of dude, getting right in the action with his tongue:):) SWEET!!!!

#6) OH yeah boys, play with the foreskin, get your cocks ready:)

#7) Indeed, I'm think blue.. Your blue balls, that I'm going to be licking when you get in the locker room.. Now tell #10 you have to go. There's a cocksucker waiting for you:)

#8) Hey deep hairy pit dude, come to me in the next few day, it's supposed to in the 90's.. I need to get my bury my tongue in a ripe bit:):)

#9) Wow, that is one fine looking cock, and the rest of his body is great. It's your lucky day "cocksucker"

#10) I'm a nasty boy, I would have my tongue in that musky hairy hole so fast.

#11) Well dude, by the evidence on your hand, you gave yourself one heck of a handjob:)

Thanks Koba