Saturday, June 23, 2018


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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Wonderful Weekenders here Koba!!!

#1) Woof, would I ever love to be sitting across this dude having my morning coffee with my robe wide open. We could engage in conversation in take in the view of our manly hairy body parts. Very hot pic:):):)

#2) Wow, this dudes morning coffee, certainly gets him "up":)

#3) Holy foot long Batman, lets go to the Dairy Queen today, and get ourselves a couple of chocolate covered BANANA ice cream cones? YUMMY:):)

#4) Love to play a set or two of tennis with this hot beefy ass dude, with those hunky muscled man legs:):)

#5) Ah, what a way to start the morning, giving the straight dude some great head:):)

#6) Now boys, stay just like that, your in for a treat. I'm coming over to lick your pits, nibble on your nips, suck your cocks, and tongue your toes:):)

#7) F--k, I just might have to run away, if this dude with his stiff python, was planning on "sticking to me":( Ouch!!! BUT, if he just wants head, and his balls licked, I'm "up" for that:):) Wow

#8) Now that's the kind of "sea monster" I would like to SEE:):)

#9) That is one great looking cock:) Dude if your up for it, can I suck you off????:):)

#10) Yup, we do smile, after we let a good "nut" out:):):) Great job buddy boy:)

Thanks Koba