Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tuesday RamiFUCKations!


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific Tuesday RamiFUCKations Koba!!!

#1) LOL.. I can identify with this bottom.. Your a better man than me. That must be a python that's going to go your tight hole. Though I must admit, I have been in the mood lately, (and getting some) up my tight asshole. But only if it's a medium thickie, I CANT'T DO THE "LONG DONGS":( OH and the bottom in this pic has great "puppies" (arms):):)

#2) Ah, a true "bottom" legs spread eagled so the top can enter:)

#3) Wow, would I love to get up close and personal with these two. I would be licking their balls, while they are making the ultimate connection:)

#4) Now this is what I call a "pool party". Lot of humping going on, I would love to be watching. I am such a voyeur. Hell in the gym sauna, if two are jerking each other off, and they ask if I mind, I say, "Go right ahead young men, I"ll be the lookout dude for ya".

#5) Two hot men enjoying a good fu-k.. Look at the size of that bottom's feet. Giving me a chub:)

#6) That bottom dude is so hot. Love to be there sucking his cock and getting in his pits, while his "button" is being tickled:):)

#7) This dude is getting the ride of his life:)

#8) Oh yeah, just enough room, to stick it to this bottom:) There be man-goo all over the car seat soon:)

#9) Looks like a true bottom to me. That top just keeps banging away:)

#10) That's what it's all about guys:):):) And yes since I in a horny mood right now, I would lick his cock clean and that also goes for the bottom's hole:) Sweet mercy me!!!

Thanks Koba!!

Koba said...

No. 9 is Paddy O'Brian, Scott. It took him a while but he's finally bottoming!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Oh my, Koba, thanks, then their is definitely "room" for me to advance my bottoming skills. Just hang on tight let the top find our "button", have him pump away, shoot his wad, then it's over...LOL....

Now only if we can see Girth Brooks bottoming that would be so awesome. Koba, check out some of his vids, the dudes love taking his python up the um, ah, "poop chute"!!!!!

Well off to the gym, get the workout in, and just MAYBE, get a sausage or two into my mouth:):)

Axiom2001 said...

I had my best fuck while lying on my back! ...can readily and eagerly identify with the bottoms in pics #s 2---6--8--and--9 and applaud them. I'm ready to be revitalized by a or some huge tops!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said..

Axiom2001, so what's your secret. How can I enjoy the long dongs?