Saturday, June 2, 2018

Weekend Warriors!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, great Weekend Warriors here Koba!!

#1) OH Warrior, please come over to my house and protect me:) I promise I will reward you, by taking care of your "manly" needs:)

#2) Wow, would I love to unbuckle your belt and even see MORE of that beautiful bush of yours. Oh, and of course I want to get a peek of your cock:)

#3) OH those calves are big and beautiful and MANLY:):)

#4) I'm coming over, you look a little down, I'm sure we can "cook" up something that will make your happy:)

#5) Have a feeling #2 and #18, will enjoy their showers after the game:):)

#6) Hey, what are friends for:) Now that you have the suntan lotion on, meet me in the dunes.

#7) Don't look so down bearded one, I'm right around the corner:)

#8) Wow, I want to get at his "heavenly loose balls":)

#9) Woof, I want to get on his nip, and then follow that hairy trail, down to his cock and balls:)

#10) I bet there was on heck of a "grunt" when that nut busted:)

Thanks Koba