Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tuesday Ramifications...

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, one TERRIFIC Tuesday Ramifications posting Koba!!

#1) I have a good feeling that young lad, is going to get more than some fingers up his "pucker" sooner or later:)

#2) Man I think I'm hypnotized by those bouncing balls, I can't take my eyes off them:):) Just beautiful!!!!!

#3) When a dude puts his legs up like that for another dude, you KNOW what's going to take place:):):)

#4) Spring has SPRUNG for these dudes:):) Enjoy!!!

#5) I could watch this stud paint all day:)

#6) You keep sucking, While I come over and take care of his backside, with my tongue:)

#7) Plump ass, taking a plump cock. Mercy me!!!!:):):)

#8)* YOU DO LOVE ME KOBA!!!! Hey it's not for everyone, but I'm with this dude:) Guys don't hate me, but I can go both ways, but I'm just into a dudes foot and not a womens.. Go figure, I can't????????

#9) What a nice broad back that bottom has. A very nice black and white photo:)

#10) YOU GO YOUNG MAN, he's appreciating that cleanup job:):)

Thanks Koba, *Special thanks for pic #8