Monday, April 2, 2018

Back to the grind or Easter Monday for some


Axiom2001 said...

1 Ah, we're quite, quite curious!

2 ...waitin' to be savored fully from my oral expertise.

3-4 This is gonna be very hot!

7 How sweet it is.... I'm takin' in all of this fabulous flesh!

8 I have yet to be introduced to water sports. It does excite me!

10 Ginger, ginger, Ginder! I love the taste and the smell! Um! Um! Um!

Koba said...

Watersports can be a lot of fun, Axiom. Just remember to have about 3 beers before the taps are turned on! Turns the waterworks white and just kind of a slight yeasty taste!

Koba said...

The ginger in pic 9 is about the darkness (same colour of ginger) as my liquor store crush. But my boy is way better looking!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Koba, put a kettle of tea on, and bring that "Ginger Snap" home to EAT:):) Nothing goes better with "ginger snaps" that a hot cup of tea!!!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Happy Easter Monday for those who celebrate. Have to be honest, I'm going to look that up after I'm done here.

Great Back to the Grind posting Koba!!!

#1) Honestly, I think these shwoers (as long as there is no curtains) would be better than a "gang shower". Two dudes that want to watch each other crank a nut out could, without some preying prudes watching.

#2) Big arms, hard cock, ah, handsome dude, heavenly sights we can see in the locker room:)

#3a,b) That "tight ass" needs a cock up his ass:)

#4) Handsome, happy worker.. Ummm, I wonder what gave it away, besides his nice smile?:):)

#5) OH, he's going for it. The eyes tell it all:)

#6) After a hard days work, it's all up and down from there:)

#7) Oh my, two dudes having some warm wet fun:)

#8) Oh handsome hairy dude, with the nice smile, let me feel your biceps:)

#9) Keep working out young Ginger Snap, you already have a great chest:)

#10) I'm so horny right now, I would lick that so clean. I didn't score at the gym:(

Thanks Koba