Friday, April 6, 2018



Anonymous said...

10 years ! Congrats and thanks for all the hotness !

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY SOLIOQUIES!!!! Koba, I love your blog. ALWAYS hot men and all their masculine body parts, especially their cocks and balls,and asses, pits, toes, feet, legs, necks, ah heck, head to toe. Well you know what I'm talking about. You always aim to please your followers.

I hope there will be plenty more posts to come our way during the next 10 yrs.

I'll be back to comment on this hot anniversary posting.

Your buddy,

Tony60416 said...

Congrats!!! Love the chaps, union suit, and pit close up!!! Alawys been my favorite blog, let's see more of you, perhaps? Or have we already, and not known?

Anonymous said...

Feliz cumplea├▒os!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and thank you for all your hard work with your daily postings which are always exciting and never quotidian. Thanks

Gabriel said...

Amazing milestone! Congratulations from Gabriel at Barefoot Men and also Guys From Behind at Blogspot.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great TGIF posting Koba!!!

#1) Ah, nice getting to know each other in the bathroom stall:):)

#2,a,b,c,) These dudes will definitely make the bar:)

#3) Love in his eyes, a finger up his buddies button, these two will have a great friendship:):)

#4) That python definitely wants out of those tight pants:)

#5) Wonderful tummy hair, BEAUTIFUL dark bush:):):)

#6) Wow, brothers, showing off their bods:)

#7) Woof love the thermal's, and that is one nice thick cock.. Very unusual cold weather here in April:(

#8) OH Koba, you know how to get me.. I going to bury my nose in his morning funky pit, and hopefully, he playfully wakes up:)

#9) Ah nothing like cock in your mouth. Hey if you lower your shorts a little more, I'll give you a nice rimmer:)

#10) Boys having a great time:)

#11) Those blue balls will find their way out:)

#12) Dudes, having a fun workout:)

#13) Woof.. nothing more to say:)

#14) These chickadee's are hungry:)

#15) Someone just got a good feeding:)

#16) A real special, Koba celebrating his 10 yrs, with a Friday night facial:)

Thanks Koba

Koba said...

Muchas gracias, thank you! And special thanks to you, Scott, for your daily comments and feedback! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Feliz Aniversário!

SFbigcelt said...

May you enjoy another decade bringing us pleasure and more cocks! THANKS