Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Happy Hump Day!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Hot, Happy, Hump Day posting Koba!

#1) Wow, dude, you have one great "treasure trail", that I would love to follow with my tongue:)

#2) Suddenly got the urge for a chocolate covered BANANA:):)

#3) LOVE IT.. I have to remember to do that with my tongue, with the next cock I get in my mouth:) Tickle Those Testicles:):):)

#4) This jock is going long, just like his bicep:)

#5) You never know what's going on in the dunes or on the trails:):)

#6) I was going to be a smart-ass and say something wise. But instead this pic is so sweet. So now it's, handsome dude sharing his breakfast with some colorful creatures:):)

#7) You would be smiling more, if I tickled your pits with my tongue:)

#8) Hey handsome, if you need someone to help you with your blue balls, just let me know:):)

#9) HOLY F--k, I'm surprised your beautiful eyes don't have tears running down them:):):) WOW!!!!!!

#10) Ah, they both caught their "nut", now they can relax:)

Thanks Koba