Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thursday Hotness!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Torrid Thursday Hotness posting Koba!!

#1) Put the towel down big boy, I'll lick you dry from head to toe:) We'll give the prudes something to talk about in the locker room:)

#2) OH my "Ginger Snap" love to give your a nice BJ to make that cock go down, and yes I'll lick your fat balls:) Nice body buddy.

#3) Wow, great abs dude, and also you gave me an urge to chow down on a nice chocolate covered BANANA:) That's a beauty:)

#4) OH I just got back form the gym, busted a nut, and still horny. With that said boys, I'd love to take care of you handsome young men. Yes your cock, balls, and every other body part:):) You dudes are Scrumptiously deliciously looking...Woof

#5) By his facial expression, you doing one fine "cocksucking" job buddy boy:):) Give him a real treat, and lick his hanging balls:)

#6) Compact ass, with nice big hairy thighs.. Woof:)

#7) Hey after the game, the boys have to replenish the protein that they lost:)

#8) Heck, I'd have a great time getting to service that cock. I would touch and smell those great thighs and crotch area:)

#9) Oh cutie, I want to get on your sniff nip:)

#10) S--t, that's a VANILLA MILK SHAKE....Yum, yum...

Thanks Koba