Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thursday Hotness!

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Thursday Hotness is right, great job Koba!

#1) Handsome young man, that has to workout for those abs. Oh, might I be so bold and say what a nice cock and some nice loose balls you have:)

#2) Is that a sniff nip, that you need taken care of? If it is, I'm the man for the job. Ah, hell I'll throw in a BJ to, since it's just hanging around:)

#3) Ah, I'm on my knees, aiming to please:):):):)

#4) Certainly do, love seeing the men, helping each other out:) Some nice arms on that "cocksucker":)

#5) OH f--k, would I love to uncross his manly hairy legs, and get at that fine piece of meat:)

#6) After self-made protein shake, it's off to the gym:) Milk it does a body good:)

#7) Ah take in that manly scent and then go in with your tongue. I LOVE to give and receive a good rim job:)

#8) Nice player, signing autographs for his fans. Now come into the locker room, this fan, wants to treat YOU to something special:)


#10) Now that's what I call an open invitation:):)

Thanks Koba