Saturday, March 24, 2018



Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wonderful Weekender's here Koba!!

#1) Don't you worry buddy, I'll be up in Ogunquit in July to "take care of your manly needs":)

#2) OH yeah, your are indeed packing:)

#3) What a lucky young man, to service a hot hairy beefy dude:)

#4) Hey you cutie.. Looking real good in those wet swim shorts:)

#5) OH tall hairy long legged dude, you keep your legs spread like that, and I'll be over very soon to take care of you:)

#6) Oh yeah, couple of good tugs, and this Cowboy, made some sweet juice for you:)

#7) Ah, a cock lover, just like me:) You lucky bastard:)

#8) Yummy, Dairy Queen, opening soon, and selling their infamous foot longs:) Man does that cock look delicious:)

#9) F--k, I can see why that python can make that much pre!!! I'd love to stroke his big cock for him.

#10) Oh please, let me clean you up:) Beautiful:)

Thanks Koba

Tony60416 said...

I'm bitting my tongue. Wish I had the time and energy.