Monday, March 19, 2018

Back to the grind...

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great Back to the Grind posing Koba

#1) Thank God we don't have petitions in our group showers, but at least petitions are not as bad as curtains:):)

#2) Heavenly sights in the locker room.

#3) Those big beefy cheeks want to do some BANGING:) Koba, congratulate me, I had a really nice patient guy, with a medium size cock this weekend. He banged me BUTT good.

#4) That a boy, get right up in his musky hairy man-hole:) There are so many dudes, that tell me it's something they would not like done to them.. BUTT once you manage to do it to them...They will BEG you the next time::)

#5)) F--k, one of most sensitive areas on a dude:) I promise try it on your man, he will love it:)

#6) Wow many poles to be holding on to:)

#7) Yummy... I would love some dark chocolate today:):):)

#8) You have every right to wear the Superman muscle shirt:)

#9) Oh most definitely, a car will be sold today:)

#10) Now this young man, takes cream with his coffee, on his break...

Thanks Koba...