Thursday, March 1, 2018

Thursday Hotness!


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow Terrific Thursday Hotness post Koba!!

#1) Now that's the kind of SEA MONSTERS, that I certainly wouldn't not mind meeting:)

#2) Let me follow that beautiful "treasure trail" to that BEAUTIFUL uncut cock oh his:)

#3) OH yeah, some dudes love to give a show in the locker room. They are very proud of what they have between their legs:)

#4) Your workouts are certainly paying off buddy-boy:)

#5) Never mind about making out, get your mouth on the head of that cock. Those balls are full of his sticky goo:)

#6) Heck ya, spread your hairy legs, and let the boys share the wealth:)

#7a,b) Woof... those gentleman are enjoy a very nice view from the back, as we enjoy the front. That is a might fine package, young man:)

#8) Wow, His cup runneth over:)

#9) Oh I'd love to get between your hairy legs and give you some head:)

#10) AHHHH, Koba, you know how to push my buttons, I'm a "sucker" for a dude with nice arms. I think I look at dudes arms at the gym, the same way, the straight guys look at the womens tits:) Of course we do it discreetly!!! Though some dudes don't mind a complement at all. They work damn hard for those "puppies".

#11) Hell you helped him make it, you might as well show him your love by swallowing it, plus you getting plenty of protein:)

Thanks Koba

Ciro Cirino said...

Hi Koba,
Does the guy in pics #7-8 ever succeed in getting his shorts OFF???

Anonymous said...

photo 12 j'adore vider les capotes pleines dans ma bouche (gerd hiernaux)