Saturday, March 3, 2018


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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Koba, I think here in Central Mass, we dodged a bullet, not one snowflake fell, (where up to a 1 ft was accepted in some places) plenty of rain and wind but no snow. Coastline was not so lucky!! As long as it doesn't damage the Main ST Cafe up in Ogunquit, we can count our blessings:)

Great Weekenders here Koba!!

#1) Yes indeed I'm am a "sucker" for big "guns" and thick wrists. Man I work out almost everyday, and I can't get those kind of "puppies", Though I am not making excuses, I'm not a YOUNG an I used to be:(;(!!

#2) Nice hairy legs buddy:)

#3) Ah, some nice luke-warm water always cures an aching back:)

#4) Hey handsome dude, stay on your knees, I'll be there, to put that nice dong, in my mouth:)

#5) LOL.. Now that is definitely more than a discreet look:)

#6) Man, Koba, you caught me again, oh well everyone knows by now, I live for the "BANANA":)

#7) Wow, I'm actually drooling. I think I'll work form those feet up to that be beautiful slab of uncut meat:)

#8) Holy jawbreaker Batman, that young man needs my help:)

#9) Cock, balls, man feet, finger holes, I want to join this shin-dig:):)

#10) Oh my another "get together" that I did not get an invition to:( Well after the gym (or at the gym) I going to find some of these going ons....LOL....

Thanks Koba