Saturday, February 11, 2017



Damien said...

The gentleman in pic # 3 is simply gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, great Weekender's here Koba, great job! Koba we had another 5" of snow over night, and NOW they are saying another 8"-12" for Sunday night into Monday.. We had blizzard conditions this past Thursday. Your posts are helping me make it through all this. I have not been getting to my gym this past week.. My good friend, how about a "caption this pic" for tonight? Your the best dude.

#1) Heck these two fine looking members of the male species don't care if they are trapped in all weekend. They will have plenty of sex and whatever is in all those jars. LOL.. I don't have foggest idea, what they are!!!

#2) OH buddy boy, don't pout. Come hell or high water, I'll find a way to get in between those awesome thick thighs of yours, and take care of that beautiful soft uncut cock and your nice balls:)

#3) Yes indeed young man, I'm looking at your fine backside, and those great man feet of yours:)

#4) Sweet, jocks being playing with the cocks:)

#5) Woof, I want to kiss him, before I go down on his wonderful hard cock, and those are some nice nuts:)

#6) I"m so ENVIOUS. Love on a beautiful, Summer day at the beach:)

#7) LOL.. Cold beer in, warm beer out:):):) Those young men are having a great time:)

#8) F--k ya, I MISS my gym.. The sausage are being fired "up" int the sauna. I would definitely take care of these two.. You have to be very quick, and have a "watch out guy". Not everyone is Boner friendly:(

#9) Their locker room is going to smell heavenly, once the match is over:)

#10) NOW you even look prettier:) LOL..

Thanks Koba