Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday Ramifications...


Mark Greene said...

Colby Keller is SO hot in my opinion. I love seeing him fuck as well as getting fucked. I like the passion behind his sex scenes.

The Male Casting Couch

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific Tuesday Ramifications Koba!

#1) You go Colby. swing those balls and give that bottom bitch what he craves:)

#2) F-ck ya, someone's button was just hit:)

#3) Now, that a MOUTHFUL:)

#4) Stop the train, I want to get on:)

#5) That long dong will certainly hit this bottoms prostate:)

#6) Oh don't mind me, I just LOVE to watch, I promise, I leave after I "nut":)

#7) Now that's a workout:)

#8) Very hot, that is some stud, making that bottom very happy:)

#9) Yup that's all there is to entry, lift jock down, lift shirt up, and put stiff cock in hole:)

#10) Oh yes indeed, I have made a few dudes shoot, just my tonguing their love buttons:):)

Thanks Koba