Thursday, February 16, 2017



Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

What a treat Koba

This is how this fantasy going down for me.

This is my alpha male construction working buddy, straight as can be, (btw he knows I'm gay, and cool with it) his gf is out of town for a week, and he is so horny. We have a couple of beers after an exhausting day of paving roads on a 90 degree day. We are both getting drunk, him, a little more than me. We get out of our clothes and just stay in our boxers.

After he has had a few more beers, he turns to me as he takes off his boxers and says, dude, I'm beat, I'm going to hit the hay. Your more than welcomed to say over. Then he says real quickly, nervous like. "I'm horny, your one of my best buddy's and your into men. I'm going into my bed, going to close my eyes and you can get me off,Just don't kiss me on the lips. And bro, I mean NOTHING is to ever to be said about this...EVER."

Now a long story short.. I kiss his neck, take in those ripe pits, take in all his manly smells, nibble on his nips, feel those strong hands, lick his toes, kiss inside his thighs and then I can't hold out and longer, I taste his taint, lick his balls, and suck his dude cock.. He spurts the most delicious man cream into my mouth. He grunts rolls over, and I put my arms around him, and we both drift off to sleep

Thanks for the NIGHTCAP Koba:):):)

Koba said...

Great scenario, Scott! Have a great weekend!