Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday Hotness!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Man, can Thursday Hotness get any hotter? Great job Koba!

#1) F--k, having that is one lucky dude, having your balls licked is one of the greatest feelings in the world:):) This dude is doing an awesome job!!!

#2) Woof, hey buddy if you want to hide your face that's your prerogative, I'm very content staring at your heavenly masculine body. BTW, while you hiding your face, do you mind if another dude (me) blows a "nut" out of you:):):)

#3) Oh yeah, that's all he needs is a gentle hand on his head, while he gives you head. Make sure you reward him, with your cream:)

#4) Somebody's a "happy" camper with his biking buddies:)

#5) PLEASE handsome, can I snuggle up to you, and rest my head, near your warm pit:)

#6) OMG, buddy I'll be right over, I'll do whatever you want me to do, to put a smile on your face. Your a hot looking dude, with a great body..Woof:)

#7) Yes sir ree bob, I cranked a "nut" out in the showers today. The guy has his back to me, I stared at his great ass, and went to town:)

#8) Well he has a good excuse for peeing himself, he was all tied "up"!!!

#9) A hulking lumberjack, with one delicious funky looking cock:)

#10) Wow, handsome dude, with great tummy fur, and nice full bush:)

Thanks Koba