Saturday, November 26, 2016



Anonymous said...

You should pick one day of the week and have a rotating theme of particular fetishes related to the penises we all love. One week balls, next week mushroom heads, one week dripping piss slits, one week assholes (the hole itself rather than your usual Wednesday general posterior feature), one week nipples (please), one week beautiful faces, one week feet. And so forth. Fetish Fridays. Or Specialty Saturdays..

Clive Taylor said...

Ha kobo this site fine just the way it is.... ☺

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow-WEE, one Wonderful Weekenders post Koba!!

#1) Woof, things are definitely looking "up" for this hot dude:)

#2) Man, this good looking six-pack, spends some serious time at the gym:)

#3) Koba, just when I think the men can't get hotter, they just keep coming.. Woof, It would be MY pleasure to take care of this rugged handsome bearded dude;)

#4) Hell, I could get off, just watching this blue-eyed cutie make love to that gorgeous cock:)

#5) Man, it's like a serpent.. that is one nice cock, on this handsome tattooed dude.

#6) Yup, young man, that's how you get the job done. The sticky white sauce will be squirting all over:)

#7) Ah, nice to see all the smiling handsome jocks, celebrating their victory:)

#8) Hey your handsome, hairy leg young man, I do love a guy in workboots:)

#9) I hope the water is not to hot, those are some mighty nice balls, you want to keep safe:)

#10) Now, that's a Saturday night SPECIAL facial:):):)

Thanks Koba.. PS: I agree with cutie Clive, you give us an awesome post, day after day.