Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thursday Hotness! And Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the U.S.!


Spicy_D69 said...

**Happy Thanksgiving**


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts (where Thanksgiving, all began) said...

"Happy Thanksgiving" to everyone in the U.S. and I'm very grateful for the wonderful posts Koba give us everyday!! including this Thursday hotness post.

#1) The sun isn't the only thing coming "up" for this hairy dude:)

#2) OH yes, I think the introduction is going very well, at least according to their nice smiles and stiff cocks:)

#3) Ah, almost as tasty as the great Thanksgiving dinner I had today:)

#4) Woof, would I love to put a smile on this hot looking dude:) Nice body, and the perfect sizes cock:)

#5) I love seeing the boys having a great time:)

#6) Been on the giving and receiving end of giving "car head", I must admit I get off more by giving than receiving, weird but true!!

#7) OH buddy, with the beautiful eyes, great body, and hair in ALL the right places... Woof... and one nice dong:)

#8) Now I should have had the for desert today, instead of the two very big slabs of pecan pie I had:)

#9) F-ck ya, squeeze those ample butt cheeks:)

#10) That a boy, out in nature, letting nature take it's manly course:)

Thanks Koba!!

Koba, my friend, tomorrow, many of us have the day off, could we please have a "Caption this photo" contest.. Thanks a million.