Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday Hotness!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Thursday Hotness is right Koba!!

#1) That taller beach bum, has me wet between my legs:) What beautiful long hairy legs:)

#2) Yummy, while he jerks his sweet uncut cock, I'd love to snack on his "walnuts":)

#3) Young love.. isn't it sweet:)

#4) Ah straight dudes jacking off to porn.. Hot very Hot.. Um please don't hate me guys, I have a thing for the "straights":):):) But don't you worry, I don't discriminate, I love ALL cock..

#5) F--ck, VERY HOT... LOVE IS GRAND:) and boy would I feel safe with those big tattooed arms around me:)

#6) That's alright young man, I can't resits that red hot ass either:)

#7) Hey every dude, has a way of "jacking off". Man nice belly fur, and wonderful dark bush:)

#8) Woof.. Um, after I sniff and lick your funky pit, can I swallow your cock:)

#9) Geez Koba, these dudes are very HOT today.. Man would I love to be sharing that blanket with his big boy. Look at that sniff nip, and very nice cock and balls:)

#10) Ouch, I can identify to that blast off to the eyes... I love getting facials, but sometimes it's much more than I anticipated..LOL..

Thanks Koba..