Saturday, September 17, 2016



Damien said...

Pics # 2 & 3 are how I want to spend my weekends.


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Oh my goodness, one great Weekender's post Koba!! Um, I don't know why it's making me so horny.. oh yeah, now I remember, Groups of men, and plenty of cock:):):):)

#1) Oh young man, if nobody ever told you, you have great legs, this man is telling you now. YOU HAVE GREAT MAN LEGS:):)

#2) F-ck ya, I remember this vid very well, bunch of straight dudes, very hot, (please don't hate me, because I have a thing for straight guys) jerking off to porn, and when their ready to nut, they have to get up and put their "man juice" in that wine glass on the table. The loser, has to drink the "penis puke":) BTW, straight guys will rip your heart out, and spit it out on a Silver Platter, opps did I say that. Sorry for the rant.

#3) Yup, saw this one to, (mixed straight and gay dudes, very hot) some are watching straight porn other watching gay porn, and one by one they get their nut off!! What a group of hot dudes:):):)

#4) Oh yeah, LUNCH in the dunes!! A very big lunch indeed..Wow, that is one Thick cock:)

#5) Ok, you showed us your pretty blue eyes, now chow down on that nice piece of man-meat!!:)

#6) Hell ya, let me get your socks off, and I do you from "toe to head":)

#7) Like a hamster, storing his "nuts" for the winter...LOL...

#8) Hey beefy bear, love to join ya, can I?:):)

#9) Beatutiufl man asses, and one nice curved cock:) Just lovely!!

#10) OH yes, indeed, as "PINK" would sing, "Let's get this party started on a Saturday night:)

Thanks Koba

Ulysse said...

Hi nice blog, can u add mine ?
Thank friend !!

Gary Myers said...

Love pic #4!