Monday, September 5, 2016

Labour Day Monday!

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Thanks for the Holiday greeting Koba, and what a great posting!

#1) Please don't ever use that Fig leave to hide that nice hard cock, your so proudly showing us:)

#2) Wow, that is one great slab of dark meat, with nice loose balls:)

#3) I can identify with you dude, I "choked the chicken" twice today:)

#4) Also can identify with this lucky cocksucker, I had a nice piece of prime rib today:):) It was a "LABOR" of love, on my part:)

#5) LMAO... he must have got kicked in the balls, and wanted to make sure, everything was still "intact":( OK everything is alright:)

#6) Nice, a firm grab on a stiff cock, now it's time to "jerk" a nut out of him:)

#7) Wow, those are some bitch tits, I'll get on them, and work my way down to that fine piece of meat:)

#8) I'd be doing that same thing, if I had that tall hairy long legged dude in my bed:)

#9) Holy F-ck, that's a "MOUTHFUL" I wonder if he's Girth Brooks's brother:) I saw Girth the other day in a vid, and he let a guy kiss him, I almost nutted just by seeing that:)

#10) AH, a holiday facial.. Just beautiful, "A Labor of Love":)

Thanks Koba