Saturday, September 3, 2016


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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, one Wonderful Weekender's post Koba!

#1) I'd loved to be trapped in that Paddy wagon, with these two hot studs, Woof:)

#2) Hot Diggity Dog!!! I would go right "DOWN" the line:):):)

#3) Man, would I love to knell down and get between his hairy legs. I wouldn't mind one bit, if some gym rats were watching:):)

#4) OH buddy, you don't have to hold his head down, he wants that cock, and don't worry, he'll be on yours next:)

#5) Young man, you can text all you want, I'll just keep gawking at that fine thick piece of meat of yours:)

#6) Woof... Just take me into your bed, and have your way with me..PLEASE:):):)

#7) Jerk it big boy, I want to hear those fat balls jingle:):)

#8) The boys lining up at the pissing trough:):) I would pay to watch this:)

#9) Don't it make my brown eyes blue...Heck with a thick cock like that in your mouth.. who wouldn't be a happy camper:)

#10,11 and 12) Fu-k, I love watching animals in heat, and that bull got the job done:):):)

Thanks Koba