Friday, September 16, 2016

Thank God it's Friday!


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Fantastic Friday post Koba!

#1) Com-on handsome, just a little lower on your swimming trunks. Woof:)

#2) Nice jock pose guys, but now it's time to hit the showers, I'm waiting, for ALL of you:)

#3) Oh yeah, things are definitely looking "up" for this young cutie:)

#4) Yup in this case it's true, big feet, large cock:)

#5) OH yeah, get that hand up to the balls, and put your mouth on that sweet cock:)

#6) I want to be invited to this "sausage fest":)

#7) Holy timber Batman, some fine looking wood, out there:)

#8) Hey with "guns" like that, you don't have to hide that macho face:)

#9) Would I love to crawl between your legs and feast on your cock, while you have one of your strong hands holding my head down:):) Woof

#10) Yes indeed dude, you took matters into your own hands, and got the job done. Very nice indeed:)

Thanks Koba

Gary Myers said...

Love pic #9!