Saturday, July 30, 2016


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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Wonderful Weekenders Koba!

#1) Oh my, Sleeping Beauty is down for the count, but someone isn't quite ready to call it a night...:) LOL...

#2) Yes indeed young man, you should be smiling, you are handling quite the whopper:)

#3) Holy Sish ka bob BATMAN, make mine a double:)

#4) After the rain, there's a rainbow..LOL...

#5) Wow, tall jock, with a long cock:):)

#6) Oh yes indeed, a fine piece of white meat, being taking care of:)

#7) Big Boy, I wouldn't try to stop you at anything. I do like me a big boy:):) Have you way with me, PLEASE:)

#8) Hockey players are so damn hot:):) UM, your towel is calling your name, time to hit the showers:):)

#9) This strapping man, is my next boyfriend, he just doesn't know it yet. Very nice cock, indeed:)

#10) Fu-k ya, I can so identify with the "slurper", he's getting right up there.. Wow:):)

Thanks Koba:)