Monday, July 11, 2016

Back to the grind...

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Scott said...

Great back to the grind Monday post Koba!

#1) Hey, Handsome Hairy wet guy:)

#2) Ah, now that's what I call a much needed lunchtime rendezvous. Man it must be hard to say goodbye to a hot piece of ass like that:(

#3) Buddy first I'll take care of those pits for you, and then work my way down to your cock, and blow a "nut" out of you:)

#4) Now THAT's a finger roll:)

#5) Yes, it's all yours brighteyes.. Now get on it:)

#6) Wait to you hit the showers, then grab him:)

#7) Wow, what a THICK "package":)

#8) Young office lads, decided to knock off early:)

#9) That's all right, if you still in the "closet", I come in discreetly and take care of you:)

#10) Hog Heaven:):):):):):)

Thanks Koba