Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday RamiFUCKations!

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great Tuesday RamiFUCKactions post Koba!

#1) I love watching a "bull" bang a bottom bitch:)

#2) Ah, this bottom bitch is being stuffed at both ends:)

#3) Man, would I love to try and lick their balls, while the deed is going on:)

#4) Holy hairy spread eagle Batman, that young man is taking it "butt" good:)

#5) I would love to come across this cozy scene, as I take a walk in some cozy corner on some trail:)

#6) LOL.. hold on to him tight, you both don't want to land on the floor:)

#7) Nice, boys do love to "play" in the woods:)

#8) OH yes indeed, the STUD, giving what that young bitch has been yearning for:)

#9) While this fine "connection" is going on, I love to sniff that tops hairy hole and lick those fine "eggs" of his:):)

#10) A well lubed cock, ready to enter a very tight hole:)

Thanks Koba