Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday Hotness!

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific Thursday Hotness post Koba!

#1) This dude, spends some serious time in the gym. Also like the little "peek" of his cock:)

#2) Ah, handsome bathing beauty with a nice bulge.. There be many bathing beauties out tomorrow.. Temp in the 90's expected for the next couple of days, here in Mass:)

#3) Beautiful eyes on that handsome cocksucker, that's just about to begin his feast of male meat:)

#4) Well that's one way of saving a flush:):)

#5) Nice strong legs:)

#6) Now that's the kind of "sea monster" I like coming towards shore:)

#7) OMG.. What's better that one foot long? F--k, two nice foot long dogs:):):) LUCKY BASTARD:):):)

#8) Ah buddies "jacking", I love it:):) Nice balls:)

#9) One nice chest, and awesome arms:)

#10) Someone must have licked a nice vanilla ice-cream cone:):):)

Thanks Koba