Saturday, January 9, 2016



Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow, wonderful weekender's post Koba!!

#1) Woof!! I find this dude extremely attractive, from head to toe. Love to have a cup of morning coffee with him, especially if it's after spending a night in his bed (with him in it..LOL) That smile, those arms, that chest, that delicious cock, those legs and feet:):):)

#2) Oh yeah, you don't have to look out that window very look, you fine looking strapping man, I'm coming to take "care" of the both of you:)

#3) Someone's very "happy" to be taking a bath:):)

#4) Man, another dude, waiting for me..I'm coming, looks like I have my work cut out for me, that is some "basket":):)

#5) Heck, I would be enjoying myself to, if I was going to feast on that man-meat:) Wow, what a beautiful "treasure trail", leading to those golden nuggets:):)

#6) Hey buddy don't lean over too far, wouldn't want anything to damage the wonderful "goods" you were blessed with, between your legs:):)

#7) Koba, no lie, I jerked off to this photo this morning!!! This sleeping beauty, reeks masculinity:):) To take care of his "morning wood" would be an honor:):) WOOF:)

#8) All these hot looking dudes looking out their windows today, I promise, you young man, someone will be "up" to take care of you. Trust me on that:):)

#9) Very good-looking dude, with some very nice hairy legs:):)

#10) OH yeah, with balls like those, I can see why he made a nice gooey mess:):)

Thanks Koba... Great job:):):)

uncle barry said...

#8 Looks very purloined
I would gladly make his loin purrrrr­čść