Monday, January 18, 2016

Back to the grind...

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Scott said...

Marvelous Monday post Koba!!

#1) Oh yeah, we have to keep our meat and potatoes clean:)

#2) Wow, NOW, that "cocksucker" know's what he's doing.. Whoa:):):):)

#3) Well dressed, and well "packed":)

#4) Love to see those thick ones come thru the GH:):):)

#5) Now these business men, know how to take a real "coffeebreak":):)

#6) Screw the balls, I'll keep looking at that fine ass:):)

#7) Love to be sitting next to this well dressed, and well "packed" gentleman:):)

#8) Oh yes, the stocks are rising:):)

#9) Hell ya, love to get stuck in the elevator with these two:):)

#10) Oh yes, working out makes you real freaking horny. That is some "nut" he just shot:):)

Thanks Koba