Friday, January 15, 2016

Thank God it's Friday!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Great "Thank God It's Friday" post Koba!!

#1) Love to see this "bathing beauty" in the showers:)

#2) I love these kind of vids like this.. I saw it somewhere, all these sweet young college dudes are fully dressed, then little by little start taking everything off. They get more daring with each other, and really get down to some series "business". Love to come across it again.

#3) Ah a beautiful scenic pic, and what he's packing in his shorts isn't bad to:):)

#4) Nice tender moment.. I'm envious.. And Valentine's day fast approaching...:(

#5) Nothing wrong with smelling the meat first, before you chow down:)

#6) OH Colby, we know you have "SOMETHING" nice in those trunks:)

#7) Yup, just like pulling on an utter, something creamy will come out:):)...LOL...

#8) LOL.. don't know exactly how I would caption this photo, but I think we could come up with a few. How about Koba?

#9) Just one beautiful "treasure trail".. Nice:):)

#10) I think this straight dude won't appreciate this "facial" given to him by his best buddy:):) LOL....

Thanks Koba

Fit Studs said...

TGIF, indeed. :)
So many hotties in this photo megapost... <3

Anonymous said...

Love pic 1. I would love to jump in the shower with him!!!!


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