Saturday, January 2, 2016



uncle barry said...

#2 "I know it's in there somewhere
Give it up"

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow, nice Weekenders, Koba!!

#1) Nice Big mushroom head, Mr Puma, that can defintely handle that Prince Albert:)

#2) Nice, two beefy boys, Playing:):)

#3) Oh it's clean, now get in there, with your tongue:):):) I would:)

#4) That's nice, taking your favorite "pet" for a ride:) he seem's very happy to be "out"

#5) Sweet, nectar of the gods. By the looks of it that thick cock can really make some pre:):)

#6) Yup, you know the drill by now: ON A HOT, HAZY, HUMID DAY IN AUGUST, I WOULD LIKE TO BE NEAR THIS DUDE:)

#7) Hey handsome, why don't you join up with Koba, he likes to bike ride:):)

#8) Lucky Bastard:)

#9) Ah, the young men, having a nice time:) SWEET

#10) Oh handsome, while you enjoy your coffee, can I nibble on your nips:)

Thanks Koba