Monday, July 20, 2015

Back to the grind, or on vacation?


Hot guys pictures said...

That 3rd one... Hot top cowboy! Wanna see the video.

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Very hot Monday post Koba, just like the weather here in the Northeast.

#1) Oh yes indeed, that young man seems to be in an "up" mood just being in the gym showers:)

#2) Another "happy" camper in the locker room. My kind of guys:):)

#3) SWEET... I heard of "miking" the cow, but I love this "milking" of the COWBOY:):)

#4) That black tie goes great with that nice dark "treasure trail" of yours:)

#5) Ca-ching... he hit the jackpot with that thick cock coming thru that GH.. I should be there with him, just in case another python comes thru the other hole:):)

#6) Oh young man, get in that tent, and keep each other dry:)

#7) Well they say don't go to the supermarket hungry, or you eat anything:):)

#8) F--k, let be get between those hairy legs, and get at the "main event":)

#9) Ah the sun-setting with three "Full Moons":):):)

#10) Holy F--k, he needed that "nut" very bad... Looks simply delicious:):)

Thanks Koba

Anonymous said...

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