Saturday, July 11, 2015


Hot guys pictures said...

Don't mind the beard of the first 2 guys. They could still GET IT.

Pablow said...

That Calvin Klein pic is hot!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow, Super Saturday post Koba!!!

#1) I'd love to get in the boxer ring and tangle with this hot dude:)

#2) Wow, one of the best "treasure trails" I have ever seen, and man do I love where it ends.

#3) Ah, nothing like a good feeding to breathe new life into ya:):)

#4) F--k would I love to kiss right above his Calvin, then attack what his packing in them:)

#5) While he wets his whistle, I love to wet that sweet uncut cock of his:)

#6) Heck Cowboy, you can "shoot" at me anytime:)

#7) Wow, Sailor boy, are you packing:)

#8) Holy smoke, that Python, could feed everyone walking on those happy trails:)

#9) Never seen someone so "UP", while he's Down:)

#10) Just a beautiful sight, let me repeat, JUST A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT:):)

Thanks Koba