Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thursday Hotness!


Hot guys pictures said...

The first 2 guys! OMG... :o

Fit Studs said...

Love love love the fact the photos are in such High Quality!

karl said...

Great view on number two

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow, Thursday hotness is right Koba, one Terrific post:)

#1) That hot macho tattoo dude spends some serious time at the gym, and I wouldn't mind spending some serious time with him on that manly couch of his:)

#2) LOL.. He looks surprised that he's "thinking" with his other head:) And we know that head always wins out:)

#3) Love to get a hand on those hairy legs and then move it up in those shorts and feel that wonderful piece of man-meat that he's packing:)

#4) Ah the young man is being fed his bubba:):) He should sleep soundly after he drinks all his "milk":):)

#5) OH my, TWO heads are better than one:):)

#6) F--k, love to be on that bed, taking care of the hard working napping hunk..Delicious looking balls he has:)

#7) OH my, that young lad is going to be "topped" by the Big Guy:) There be tall tale signs on the sliding door glass:)

#8) Ah, a delicious meal indeed (an acquired taste that I have picked up many years ago) :)

#9) OH buddy boy, you stay on that trail, I'MMMM A CUMMMING:) That beauty is good enough to eat:)

#10) Ca-ching, at the Gh, a stiff "medium thickie" with fat nuts:)

Thanks Koba