Friday, June 26, 2015

Thank God it's Friday!


uncle barry said...

#1 & #6 are my favs but the whole post is Hot ♨

Axiom2001 said...

#1 I'd like to ride 'THAT!"
#3 How "sweet" it is!!
#6 "SERVE "it" to me!!
#8 "May I join you?"
#9 "Damn, this is tasty!" "Just what I needed!"

paul said...

I want to spend the whole weekend with #1. Will bring lube and Viagra to keep him going

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Koba, I know, I have said this a few times before, but I think you outdid yourself today. Fantastic Friday post my friend.

#1) F-ck, just imagine sharing a shower with this Hot looking hairy dude:):)

#2) I Love the Locker Room ( I know, I know, you heard it a thousand times from me), but com-on, if your a man into men, and can see dudes like this totally bare-assed.. Awesome..Woff

#3) Wow what a romantic setting this would be as your going down on that fine uncut cock:)

#4) Heck maybe two "straighties" had to much to drink and sharing a tender moment.. (hey my comment, my Do love me some straight boys:)

#5) From head to toe, or toe to head.. Would I take in the tastes and smells of his hairy dude:) Of course the underwear are coming off.

#6) Now that is a thick piece of man-meat.. Enjoy you lucky handsome "cocksucker":):)

#7) I would love to be on my knees, and my head between those hairy thighs, taking care of his manly needs:) Woof, Woof..

#8) Good boys, it's nice to share a nice dining experience:)

#9) OH yes, you look up and thank him for letting you get on your knees and service him:):) and don't you dare miss a drop of his manly seed:)

#10) The pic is just too damn cute.. Let's see maybe a buddy going to get sucked off for his first time with man to man sex:) SWEET

Thanks Koba