Friday, June 19, 2015

Thank God it's Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Fantastic Friday post Koba:)

#1) OH yes indeed, some good clean fun is going to be had with these fine young men:)

#2) Oh yes you hairy ginger snaps, share that beautiful cock:)

#3) High 5 at the urinals:):) there being doing more than that soon:)

#4) Wow, you handsome white socked hairy dude, love to suck you off:)

#5) Man, some dudes have it all, good looks, great body, and a nice cock with a fat nut sac:)

#6) Oh you don't have to force him on your fine cock, that "cocksucker" knows what he's doing:):)

#7) Wow, enlarge the pic, you in for a treat, awesome shoulders on that young cutie, and man oh man, would I love to get on his nip:)

#8) F--k, hell I'm not really into being pissed on, but if I have my tongue buried in a sweet hairy hole like that...BE MY GUEST:):)

#9) KOBA... what are you trying to do to me...? WOW, let me in, hopefully he has no scented deordorant on:) That is one deep dark pit.

#10) Hell ya spill all over him, HE WANTS IT:):):)

Thanks Koba